Kenya Trip Week One: Building Healthy Communities, Simple Solutions Workshop in Soweto, Kenya – January 2018

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our request for donations. Your donations went toward the purchase of supplies for our recent workshop in Soweto area of Kenya. This area struggles with food, waste and water issues.

An exciting collaboration between Elisabeth Fekonia of Permaculture RealFood, Paige Tantillo of Sprout Permaculture and Willis Orum of Genowa Permaculture Community, the focus of the workshop was to provide the community with simple solutions to manage these issues.
Healthy-solutions-flyer (2)

Thank you to Anna Uma and Sam Oguna at Jesus Miracle House for hosting the event. Many thanks to the participants, some who came from very long distances to attend!

Here’s the rundown:
Day 1: Cheesemaking and Fermentation

Elisabeth showed the workshop participants how to make delicious ferments from sauerkraut to kombucha and everything in between! Participants also learned how to make several cheeses. The afternoon focus was on waste management and compost toilets – a very enlightening presentation!

Day 2: All About Water

After a presentation about water and why we need to conserve it, participants learned about simple ways to harvest and even recycle water. We demonstrated a simple greywater catchment system for laundry and sink water that can easily be done at home. Sam and his team installed guttering on the rooftop along with a rainwater tank so participants could learn how to do this at home. Jesus Miracle House can begin to collect water and not have to worry where their next drop of water will come from again! Anna and Sam are now ready to start using greywater and collecting rain!

Day 3: Soil, Composting and Urban Gardening

Paige presented on the importance of soil and then demonstrated how to make compost. We built a 3 x 3 cubic foot compost bin out of recycled pallets to show how simple it is to build a bin to begin composting. We then moved on to learn about Urban Gardening from Willis, who showed us how to plant an urban food forest in a small space!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your contributions made a great difference to the people in the community.

Donations received allowed for the purchase of seeds, plants, gutters, water tank, fittings and plumbing and lumber to support the tanks and 2 sinks!

And…saving the best news bits for last,

our dear friend, Julie, joined us this week. During her week in Nairobi, she was able to raise funds to enroll ALL of the children from Anna and Sam’s orphanage, Kids Dream,  into SCHOOL for the entire year! This was no easy task, as the children needed full track and school uniforms! Many THANKS TO YOU, Julie, and everyone who donated to help these amazing children!

Stay tuned for week 2 of our Kenya journey!