Sprout Ed

Why Sprout Permaculture?

Sprout Permaculture is dedicated to the promotion of health, wellness and environmental care using the guidelines of permaculture as the core of the organization.

Why do we do what we do? Losing touch with nature is detrimental to our health and wellness. Nature is an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Hong Kong is lacking in spaces that are green and include an educational element, spaces that allow people to explore nature, and learn about how to live a more self-sustaining life. We strive to deliver unique educational experiences for people of all ages to stimulate and inspire people, foster creativity and build knowledge. This helps to expand their horizons and challenge their boundaries.

There is also a lack of education about how chemical pesticides and fertilizers are harmful to humans and wildlife. We work to restore landscapes degraded by chemicals and introduce people to ways to live a more chemical-free lifestyle.



  • Garden Programs: In Curriculum and After School
  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Customized Curriculum Development


  • Sustainability and Regenerative Workshops
  • Youth Garden Clubs
  • Farm and Eco Field Trips with Scout Groups and other organizations