Educational Gardens

Doha, Qatar

We were contacted by local schools and other organizations to provide designs and implement outdoor educational garden spaces. These gardens were built from the ground up and involved the staff, students and members of the community through work days, garden club and the maintenance team. The key to success is to involve the whole community - we work with everyone in our projects. 

Private Gardens

Doha, Qatar

With over 300 sunny days, Qatar provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with gardens year round! These pictures show just a couple of samples of what can be accomplished with just a little initiative and creativity.

Rooftop Design


Project Size: 65 square foot of garden space

This rooftop garden space was developed as a vegetable and herbal garden. The features of this garden included found materials (bathtubs and pallets) for planting beds, and grey water recycling (laundry) for primary irrigation. The garden was planted with basil, mint, coriander, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, beets, carrots, marjoram, sage, molokhia, parsley, dill, nasturtium among others.


Rooftop Design

Hong Kong

Project Size: 40 square feet of garden space

This garden features planter beds made out of reclaimed wooden pallets and Styrofoam boxes. This garden is unique because the base of each planter was filled halfway with unfinished compost produced on site, and covered with black soil and planted in.

With over 30 different plants grown from seed including basil, mint, coriander, sage, lemon balm, potato, papaya, avocado and more, this garden is a good example of what can be possible with the small spaces available in Hong Kong.