Community Gardens

Building out a common use space in the midst of the busy, day to day concrete jungle, provides not only a teaching opportunity for us, but also is a safe space for children and parents to come and bond while digging in the soil. Community gardens are a perfect for creating a sense of community.

Educational Outings

We partner with local farms to engage students in experiential learning about nature and green spaces. We are grateful to Permaclub and Growing Smart for welcoming us into their beautiful spaces.



Community Outreach:  Rusinga Island, Kenya.

Genowa Community (GC) is an organization located in Rusinga Island, Kenya. GC is providing homes for orphans and support for widows, as well as providing leadership and guidance to to help restructure and rebuild the community through regenerative agriculture and sustainable planning.

Sprout Permaculture and Genowa Community are working working together on a plan to create a regenerative, vibrant local economy and provide community outreach beyond the borders of the island. Check out our blog page for more information on current projects.