Projects in Africa

Projects in Africa

Sprout Reaches out to Africa

We have been working closely with Willis Orum, in Kenya, to provide resources and permaculture design to help restore their community. We began working together in October 2016 when we discovered that we had the same desire to work with people to build stronger, more resilient and regenenerative communities. 

To date, or team has been able to:

  • secure a source of water by acquiring a solar pump to supply water to part of the GC land,
  • sent funding to help a local girl to get back to school and provide food for her family
  • provide food for members of the community
  • provide outreach to a struggling community by bringing food to them

We are in the process of designing the land and working on our overall project plan. We are grateful to our many generous supporters that have made everything possible.

Our newest outreach includes: 

Nairobi, Kenya

We have recently met a fabulous organization in Nairobi, Kenya, Breath of God Trust, who is caring for orphans in the slums of Kayole, Soweto. The organization is run by Anna Uma and her husband, Samuel Oguna. Together, Willis and Anna and Samwel created a small community garden that will help feed the children and provide a way for the community to be independent and meet the needs of its members.

If you are interested in helping out, would like more information or would like to donate to one of our projects, please contact us.